NNU40/850KM/W33 轴承
EOE USA are committed to service and customer satisfaction. With the combEOEtion of our inside and outside sales team, EOE USA can help identify customer’s problem, search and produce the product you need, and work together to find solutions. EOE USA expert sales team is trained and has experience that will provide timely service, competitive prices, and knowledge of the product to meet your needs and increase your productivity. Now EOE USA is developing rapidly,the business is broad to all over the world, sincerely invite regional agents to join EOE USA. EOE USA is happy to assist you with any problem or inquiry about NNU40/850KM/W33 bearing you may have, bearing NNU40/850KM/W33 is available in our warehouse and EOE USA can produce 非标轴承 according to your need.We can do NNU40/850KM/W33 bearing OEM for you if you need. Place the order of NNU40/850KM/W33 bearing ,EOE USA can provide customers with the "EXTRA EFFORT SERVICE" that is required for them to run their business smoothly.
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  • 轴承类型:圆柱滚子轴承
  • 轴承品牌:EOE 轴承
  • 内径:850 mm
    外径:1220 mm
  • 厚度:365 mm
    重量: kg
  • 速度限制: mm
    参考速度: mm
NNU40/850KM/W33 关联轴承
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